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The future of diving: Integrated Dive Masks

3 Years ago OCEANReef offered us the possibility to become instructors for using their GDivers Integrated Dive Masks, also called Full Face Dive Masks. Rob followed this course and also became official service technician for those masks. Immediately we saw the potential for diving with those masks. Nowadays almost every snorkeler is using a full […]

Awareness during your dives helps turtles

Awareness. Awareness is something we teach all our divers. During your Discover Scuba Dive, your open water dive course or your guided dives you might encounter a turtle or two. Look at this movie and see our divers enjoy their encounter with these amazing animals. Awareness in this case means there are a couple  of facts you […]

Different view on a FullFace mask (IDM)

Different view on a Fullface mask (IDM) from Oceanreef, seen through the eyes of a frogfish :-)) What is going on over there this frogfish must have been thinking! I’m used to see divers looking at me with a mask on and a regulator in his/her mouth. But these 2 divers have their face covered […]

beautiful encounters

Beautiful encounters during a Discover Scuba dive aka Refresh dive. A couple of weeks ago I got a phone call from the lady in this movie. She explained she had not been diving in a long time and her boyfriend never finished his Open Water Course. After the swimming pool sessions he lost his interested. […]

Fun under the sun

Fun under the sun, and underwater when diving at Curaçao! This little movie was filmed during a refresher dive. Just a small impression of what we can all encounter during our dives. Did you see the small seahorse at the end? Lovely orange, hiding on a yellowish fire coral, so much fun to discover it! […]

Referral dives on Curaçao

Referral dives, what are those? When you do the pool sessions of the Open Water course and the theoretical part at home already you can choose to do the last 4 open water dives during your vacation. These dives are called referral dives. During these dives you repeat the exercises you already did in the […]

Superior Producer, recommended as a guided dive.

Last week Rob and Fred made a beautiful dive on the wreck Superior Producer, the most beautiful wreck in the Caribbean. If you want to do a dive on Superior Producer yourself it’s recommendable to do this dive as a guided dive. The wreck is not pointed out by a buoy, and entree from shore […]

Deep dive into the past.

Deep diving is something you only do if there’s a good reason for it, as you’ve been taught in the Advanced Open water course. For instance a wreck, or something else you really want to get a chance to see. If there’s no reason to go deep, then don’t, just stay a bit shallower where […]

During the Underwater Navigator Specialty

During the Underwater Navigator specialty this movie was filmed. In the Advanced Open water course the navigation dive is mandatory, but what you learn in this dive is still very basic. If you want to learn more about correct and save navigation underwater you can decide to do the Underwater Navigator Specialty, which is taught […]

Small impression of a dive

Look at this beautiful hawksbill turtle! See how he swims, looking for food, completely undisturbed by the divers who are looking at him. Just a small impression of what you can encounter during a dive at Curaçao! It’s always a surprise what you will encounter during your dive, which makes it so much fun dive […]