• Discover Scuba Diving

Discover Scuba Diving using an Integrated Dive Mask

Curious why we love to go diving so much and want to see what lives beneath the surface for yourselves? But the idea of water in your mask, or the idea of holding a regulator in your mouth holds you back? Equalizing your ears is not so easy for you? Breathing through your mouth is not so easy for you?

Try doing a Discover Scuba Dive using an Integrated Dive Mask! Lots of people nowadays have already experienced the comfort of a fullface snorkelmask, but don’t realize fullface is also a possibility in diving.

But it is! We use the OceanReef GDivers Integrated Dive Mask for our dives. Advantages of this mask are that you can breath through your nose, just like you do on the surface. This makes equalizing your ears already easier. Besides this you have more options to choose from for equalizing.

No water comes in the mask, so no stress there.

We start the Discover Scuba Dive with a theoretical session in our open air classroom. We explain what is most important during your first dive and talk about the equipment you are going to use. We also explain the signals we are going to use underwater, to communicate.

An extra advantage of diving with the Fullface mask during your Discover Scuba Dive is that there are NO excercises!! Since no water will come in you will not have to clear the mask, and since it’s impossible to lose your regulator you will not have to be able to recover it.

After the briefing we will adjust the mask so it fits you perfectly, pack our gear and drive to the beach for the actual dive.

Just breathe and enjoy!

Discover Scuba Diving

To do a Discover Scuba Diving Course is a logical step after you have started snorkeling and have grown curious to experience how it is to swim in between the fish instead of above them.

We can assure you it’s a big difference! When diving you’re more part of the underwater world, you can look at the beautiful fish and corals more relaxed and you will see there’s so much more that you don’t see while snorkeling. Little shrimps, arrow crabs, snails and so much more.

A Discover Scuba Dive starts at our dive center.

Before we can start Scuba Diving you have to fill out a medical statement. If you make a reservation via internet for a Discover Scuba Diving or a course you can download this form already and fill it out. If you have to answer one of the questions with ‘yes’ you will have to get an approval from your physician in which it says you are able to dive medically seen.

Now we can really start! First of all we are going to brief you about what diving is and what we are going to do. We show you the equipment you are going to use, explain it’s function to you, tell you what exercises we are going to do underwater and explain how we are going to communicate underwater.

No more questions? Then we can try on the dive equipment, load the bus and…. go to the dive location!

Nervous? No problem, we give you all the time to get comfortable and we don’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do.

Our goal? To give you a positive experience, and of course we hope you will like diving so much you want to learn more.

We do the Discover Scuba Diving at a confined bay where you can practice your buoyancy above sand without damaging underwater life, but also where we can already see a lot of gorgeous corals, fish and sometimes even turtles in shallow water.

After the dive you are free to go wherever you want to, provided you came to the dive-site in your own car. We take the dive-equipment with us and rinse everything out.