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Diving with Claudia at Curacao

Today we did a Discover Scuba Dive with Claudia., a guest that came to us via Don Genaro Curacao Appartements. After a briefing at our dive center we went to Lagun for the actual dive. First we did a couple of exercises on the surface, such as recovering the regulator and clear the mask. After […]

Kimberley diving

Even if you come to the island to do a course that has nothing to do with diving at all, you can manage to get in some dives. Kimberley went diving with us in between here follow up course on Ergo therapy. First she came with a friend for a Discover Scuba Dive for the […]

Mischa diving

Recently Mischa came to us to do his Advanced Open water course. Diving with Mischa was a lot of fun. Mischa did the deep dive and navigation dive, which are mandatory. Besides these dives he chose to do a Search and Recover dive, a Diver Propulsion Vehicle dive and a night dive. In this movie […]

Rob’s encounter during a dive

Every once in a while we make a fun dive ourselves. This time Petricia had a new camera to take pictures so Rob and she went out to test it. Of course Rob brought his own camera as well and whilst Petricia took pictures Rob filmed. During this dive we were lucky to encounter not […]

Safety during your dive

Safety during your dive is always the most important part. This is why you do the buddy check and dive within the No decompression limits and within the depth limits of your certification. You might even bring a Surface Marker Buoy with you to raise before you ascend at the end of your dive, like […]

Stijn diving at Curaçao again

Last year Stijn did a Discover Scuba Dive with us. He was so enthusiastic after this dive and he decided to do the jr. Open Water Diver course in the Netherlands. There he did the confined (pool)sessions and theory, but for his open water dives he came back to us earlier this year. We call […]

Diving with a Eagle Ray

One of the best moment you can have during your dives is encountering a spotted eagle ray close. Its amazing how they move true the water. They almost don’t move but you have to speed up. Al the spotted eagle rays are different on the back. Some have dots, other have circles and stripes and […]

Frogfish during diving

During our dives we encounter always something special. if it is during a discover scuba dive, open water course, specialties or just guided dives, it doesn’t matter. When Petricia is diving at one of our beautiful dive spot she always find her frogfish back. You can find them in different colors. They are masters in […]

Clean up and diving

Last weekend the 4th of july we had as CHATA Dive taskforce  a clean up at playa “piskado”. There where a lot of volunteers to help out above water and underwater. Also a lot of things where sponsored by companies. Divers where diving and collecting a lot of debris in the water from tin cans […]

Hans diving at Curaçao

The last couple of days visibility has been a bit less then normal. This does not bother us, we go diving anyway. These images have been shot during guided dives with Hans. We did a total of 6 dives with him this time and encountered a lot of nice sea life. Look at the turtles, […]

Emma diving with dad

Nothing is more fun then diving with children. This girls father had been diving with us before last year and now returned for some more. When he learned his daughter was old enough to try diving as well he asked her if she wanted to try. And she did!! As a matter of fact, even […]

Leroy’s guided dives

Recently we had a family of 3, mom, Dad and 4 year old daughter. Mom and Dad wanted to do guided dives, but also wanted it to be a family vacation. We solved the problem easily, first Mom did a dive with us whilst Dad played at the beach with the girl. Afterwards we had […]