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Rescue Diver

The Rescue Diver course is the next step after the Advanced Open Water course. There’s no minimum amount of logged dives necessary to start this course. What you do need is a valid EFR certificate or other equivalent First Aid certification.  It is possible to follow the EFR course at the same time as you do the Rescue Diver course.

What is important though is that you know the basic skills of diving very well, like maintaining neutral buoyancy, and that you are in good physical condition.

During the Rescue Diver course you will learn skills that make you more aware of all aspects of diving. U will learn how to handle problems on the surface as well as underwater, which can be life-saving.

Examples of the skills are for instance;

  • How to approach a panicked diver, whilst making sure you stay in control of the situation and are not endangered yourself
  • How to look for a missing diver
  • How to bring an unconscious diver to the surface in a safe way and then to the shore or boat
  • How to get other persons on the beach to assist you, for instance by sending snorkelers out to search a victim
  • How to use EFR when needed

Diving will be different from what you are used to during the Rescue Diver course. It’s an intensive training that should not be thought of lightly. We are not going to be diving in a relaxed way, looking at corals and fish. During these dives we are going to do some role-playing, there’s lots of practicing and will be pushed for all you can take.

You will see that after doing the Rescue Diver course you will experience diving in a different way. You will be more aware of everything that might be a danger to you or your buddy and will be paying attention to all of this during your dives.

Included in the price are:

  • Study material
  • Exam
  • Certification
  • Use of dive-gear

Price of Rescue Diver course is on request