Deep dive into the past.

Deep diving is something you only do if there’s a good reason for it, as you’ve been taught in the Advanced Open water course. For instance a wreck, or something else you really want to get a chance to see. If there’s no reason to go deep, then don’t, just stay a bit shallower where it’s more colorful and where there is so much more to enjoy.

Diving deep makes you empty your tank faster and brings more risks. Some people are sensitive for Nitrogen Narcosis for instance, and when you do not pay attention to your instruments and computer the risk of making a Deco-dive is higher as well.

Last week Rob made a deep dive into the past, together with Fred. Together they dove to Car pile, to take a look at the car wrecks you can find over there. The best wrecks are scattered over the ocean floor at a depth deeper then 30 meters, so also divers with only the Advanced Open water certification can not dive here without an instructor as a guide. For this dive you need to have done the Deep Diver specialty first, which allows you to go to 40 meters maximum, the maximum depth in sport diving. Rob and Fred both dove with their own dive computer (no sharing!) and followed the instructions of the computer so the both came back from this dive healthily and in a safe way.

Enjoy the car wrecks and little boat wreck in this movie! If afterwards you think: ‘I want to experience this for myself’, then stop by our dive center and let us inform you on the Deep Diver specialty!

The Deep Dive specialty consists of 4 dives and certifies you to dive to a max. depth of 40 meters, as told above. You will practice your dive skills, so we are sure you are a confident and safe diver.

Curaçao has a couple of great dive sites for deep diving, where there’s actually a lot of cool stuff to see!


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