• Kid’s Diving

Dolphin Ranger/Bubblemaker

Children can do the Bubblemaker course when they reach the age of 8 years old.

Parents as well as children sign the Bubblemaker statement before we can start the program.

At the dive-school we start by giving the children a briefing in which we explain how to use the dive-equipment, how to equalize, how to empty a regulator and a mask and the rules for breathing underwater.

After this we have the children try on the equipment, load up the car and go to a confined beach. Maximum depth for children doing the Bubblemaker course is 2 meters. Bubblemaker consist of 1 dive, and the children receive a nice package with a towel, a toy, a log book and a certificate saying they did the Bubblemaker program.

Did the children enjoy the dive and do they want to learn how to dive? Let them become member of the PADI Seal Team.

Seal Team

The PADI Seal Team comes after the Bubblemaker course and meant for children age 8 and 9.

To become a Seal Team member children have to complete 5 Aqua-Missions. Maximum depth for Seal Team members is 4 meter, after Aqua-Mission 2.

At the start of each Aqua-Mission the young divers get a briefing at the dive-school in which we explain what they are going to do this Mission. The kids answer questions in their Aqua-Mission and Logbook.

Skills belonging to the Mission are explained and shown again at the waterside.

After the dive we fill out the logbook with the kids and they get the sticker that goes with the Aqua-Mission.

During the Aqua-Missions the children learn all skills that need to be done for the Open Water course, they just don’t do the theoretical exams.

Seal Team members are only allowed to dive with a dive-professional, so a dive-master or instructor.