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Guided Dives

Guided Dives

We offer our guided dives at the most beautiful dive sites on island. Why would a certified diver choose to do guided dives? Several reasons can be mentioned.

Maybe you are the only diver in your group, you don’t have a buddy to join you on your dive. Solo diving is not forbidden, but also not advisable. Doing a guided dive is an option for you then.

A dive master or instructor will join you underwater, show you nice things and will make sure you get to the shore again safely.

Divers who do have a buddy often choose to guided dives anyway. Divers who trust their guide knows where to find the most gorgeous dive-sites, or who just want to make a relaxed dive without having to pay attention to navigation.

Not only our course dives are done in small groups, also our guided dives. Service and personal attention are our priority.

Shore diving can be done anytime, and almost anyplace. We do our shore-dives on dive-sites shown to us by local fishermen and divers. Dive sites you might not find on your own, but definitely gorgeous!

Diving Prices:

  • 1 guided dive costs 125 Naf / 72 USD
  • 2 guided dives on 1 day 250 Naf  / 144 USD
  • 2 adjacent days of 2 tank dives 475 Naf / 272 USD
  • 3 adjacent days of 2 tank dives 712,50 Naf / 408 USD
  • 4 adjacent days of 2 tank dives 950 Naf / 543 USD
  • 5 adjacent days of 2 tank dives 1180 Naf/675 USD

Free upgrade to Nitrox with any guided dive if your Nitrox certified and can show the certificate!!

Included in price are use of dive-gear and guide

Will you let us  guide your dive? Dive more from Shore!