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Advanced Open Water Diver

Advanced Open Water Diver

The Advanced Open Water course is the next course after the Open Water Diver course. There’s no minimum amount of logged dives for this course.

This course consists of 5 dives, of which the deep dive and navigation dive are mandatory. For the other 3 dives you can choose for example a boat-dive, a drift-dive, a night-dive or a wreck-dive. All dives that  you can learn a lot off and add something extra  to your favorite pastime.

For this course you don’t have to study and there’s no exam. All we ask of you is to read the chapter in the book that is about the dive you are going to do and answer some questions about this chapter.

The Deep-dive is mandatory because we have to find out whether you are sensible for nitrogen-narcosis. In other words, we have to find out if you show the behavior of a drunken person when you go deep. If so deep diving is out of the question for you. During this dive you will see colors disappear the deeper you go and you will experience that your ability to react becomes slower because of the higher pressure upon you.

The Navigation-dive is a very useful dive in which you learn how to use your compass. You will learn how to set your compass so you know at all times where you are going and how you can get back to the shore. You also learn to look at underwater navigation points. By remembering these you can also find your way back more easily.

Most chosen dives in the Advanced Open Water course are the Night-dive, Wreck-dive and Peak Perfomance Buoyancy-Dive (learn to perfect you buoyancy)

Included in price:

  • Advanced Open Water book
  • Certification
  • Use of dive-equipment

Total price of Advanced Open Water course: 700 Naf or 400 USD, including  taxes.