Our Dive Shop

Our dive shop and school is situated in the cutest little plantation house, named Kleine Berg.

In earlier plantation times the house was a place where people on the way from Westpunt to Willemstad and vice versa could rest and get a meal and drink. Horses and donkeys could eat and drink here before the journey continued.

Later there was a restaurant in the house.

And now the dive shop/school, where you can make your choice from our dive equipment and accessories, or take you lessons in a homely environment.

Dive Shop

scuba diving rentals

Of course, you can also come to us to rent materials. Complete dive gear, just tanks, and weight, all is possible.


All our materials are a high standard, well maintained, serviced regularly and user-friendly.


Our tanks come with DIN and INT valves, both Air and Nitrox.

Dive certificate

Don’t forget to bring your dive certificate if you come to us to rent gear, to avoid disappointment. Without a card, no gear. Dive gear is rented out per calendar day unless you choose our package deals for several days.


Nitrox 32% can usually be filled immediately. Other percentages might take a day and are only done on request.


We choose to sell only high-quality products and are an authorized OCEANReef dealer and service center. In our dive shop, you will find all sizes and colors of OCEANReef’s Aria full face snorkel masks, as well as the G-Divers Integrated Dive Masks. We will gladly tell you all about the advantages of these high-quality masks and help you find the one that fits your face perfectly!

We are also an authorized Cressi dealer

scuba diving gear
Air Fill Station

In our fill station we have 30 buffer tanks, which means we can almost always fill your tank immediately.

For those of you that fill tanks regularly our fill lists are appealing. Your fills get even more affordable. The lists are valid for a complete year and are kept at the dive center, where you sign after each fill. You don’t have to remind yourself to bring the list to the dive center, so very convenient!

Nitrox tanks 32% can usually also be filled immediately.

Airfill Station