• Diving Specialties

During your Advanced Open Water course, you get to try out several Diving Specialties, specific fields of diving. In fact, every Advanced Open Water dive is an introduction dive to a specialty. This way you can see if you like these kinds of diving and if you think it’s interesting to learn more about them you can do the Specialty course. Every Specialty has its own amount of mandatory dives.

We offer the following Specialties:

Full Face Mask (Integrated Dive Mask) Specialty:

2 Dives in which you learn how to adjust your full face mask perfectly and how to act in emergency situations underwater, for instance, a ‘no air’ situation. Without this certification, you can only do guided full face dives with us, not rent out a full face mask to go diving on your own.

Deep Diver specialty:

 4 dives, after this course you are allowed to dive to 40 meters/ 130 feet. This course is all about safety and how to solve problems that might occur when diving deep.

Enriched Air (Nitrox) Diver specialty:

This course is, in fact, a theoretical course only but can be combined with 2 guided dives using Nitrox, or with the Advanced Open Water course. During this course, you learn what the advantages of diving with enriched air are, but also what risks it brings if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Night Diver specialty:

3 dives. You will learn how to communicate with your buddy in the dark and how to navigate in the dark. Of course, you will also learn about the underwater life, which fish are going to sleep, what creatures hunt at night etc.

Underwater Navigator specialty: 

3 dives. Now you will not just swim a square using your compass, everything gets a bit more challenging. After this course, you will definitely be able to navigate underwater and find your entry point back!

Invasive Lionfish Tracker specialty:

2 dives. in which you learn how to catch lionfish in a safe way and how to clean it safely. This course is fun to do and useful. For the existence of the reef here around Curacao, it’s very important that the lionfish population is kept in control.

Underwater Photographer:

2 dives. Don’t expect to just take some pictures! You will get tasks from your instructor.

Included in the price of specialties:

  • Study materials (when required)
  • Certification
  • Use of dive-gear

Prices of Diving Specialties vary, depending on the amount of mandatory dives for a specialty.