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Adventure Diver

Adventure Diver

After you have been certified as an Open Water Diver you can choose to be an Adventure Diver instead of an Advanced Open Water Diver.
To be certified as an Adventure Diver you have to complete 3 Adventure Dives and the Knowledge Reviews that belong with those dives.

You can choose from a variety of Adventure Dives, for instance:

The Navigation-dive

The Navigation-dive is a very useful dive in which you learn how to use your compass. You will learn how to set your compass so you know at all times where you are going and how you can get back to the shore. You also learn to look at underwater navigation points. By remembering these you can also find your way back more easily.

The Deep-dive

The Deep-dive, a dive in which we go to a maximum depth of 30 meters/90 feet. During this dive you will see colors disappear the deeper you go and you will experience that your ability to react becomes slower because of the higher pressure upon you. We will pay close attention to you during this dive, because you might be sensitive to nitrogen-narcosis. If so you will act like your drunk, symptoms which will dissapear when you start ascending again. You will not be aware of this yourself.

The Peak Performance Buoyancy dive

The Peak Performance Buoyancy dive is a very useful dive for everyone who wants to learn to control his/her buoyancy to the maximum. This could be divers who want to take up underwater photography. You want to be able to stay in front of your subject without having to hold yourself on the coral. We start this dive by checking if the amount of weight you have is correct for you. After that we practice some skills like fin-tipping, skills in which you will feel you ascend a little when you breath in, and descend a little when you breath out. We want you to become aware of all the gear you have on your back, so we let you swim through hoops. Goal is to swim through them without touching them at all.

Other options are nightdive, wreckdive, picture dive, etc. etc. You can upgrade your Adventure Diver certification simply by doing 2 more Adventure dives and the Knowledge reviews of those. Do keep in mind that at the end you have to have done the navigation dive and the deep dive.

Included in price:

  • Adventures in diving manual
  • Adventures in diving slate
  • Certification
  • Use of dive-gear

Price of the Adventure Diver Course: 545 Naf/ 312 USD, including taxes