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Marie pampoen

Marie Pampoen
Another nice dive site with easy access to the water. You go into the water in a small bay, where it is very suitable to teach. Outside the bay begins the dive interesting. Almost always there swimming squid just outside the bay and there is growing much stag horn coral. Another attractive at Marie Pampoen is an underwater junkyard. Old cars and cranes are dumped here to create an artificial reef. A deep dive is also possible because the cars to about 50 meters deep.

Boca Sami

This dive site is located at the small village of Saint Michel. You enter the water next to the boatramp. Don’t try the ramp, because it can be slippery. The drop off starts at 10 meters and goes over in a wall that drops 45 meters. Lots of hard corals like brain coral. Often spotted are turtles and seahorses. After the dive it’s nice to relax at the restaurant Octopus, with its terrace above the water.
Boca Sami

Director’s Bay

Directors Bay
Over here you can make two beautiful dives. A very good site for lessons also since the first few meters are only white sand. About 10 meters from the beach the drop off begins. If you make the dive to the left side of Director’s Bay you will find a beautiful wall, overgrown with corals and sponges in a variety of colors. When you make the dive to the right side of Director’s Bay you will see lots of soft corals. Often we spot fishes here that are seldom seen at other divesites, like the hogfish. Turning point at this route  is the little tugboat, where lots of fish live in and around. The boat itself is beautifully encrusted.

Playa Hundu

One of the dive sites is a small relatively unknown beach, where you can get in to the water very easily. The drop off is only a couple of meters from the beach . A very nice dive with beautiful corals.

Playa Hundu

Playa Piskado

Playa piskado
Playa Piskado thanks its name to the little fishermen’s harbor that we find here. We gear up on the parkinglot and walk to the shore. We can easily walk into the water via the beach on the right side. We’ll swim out on the surface a little bit and then descend early so we have enough time to equalize the ears. At 20 feet we’ll find a statue of Neptune, placed here to bless the catches of the fishermen. During this dive we often spot turtles.

Playa largu

One of the nicest dive sites of the island, according to us. Located at San Juan. The beach is covered completely with dead coral. There are a few places to enter the water. Lots of corals are growing along the shoreline. This makes the place also a nice snorkeling spot. When entered the water you come in an completely different world. Lots of soft corals against the drop off. This creates a good habitat for a lot of fish.You can spot a lot of juvenile fish of different species.  Also you can spot barracuda’s, moray and a lot more. If your lucky you even can encounter 1 of the two kinds of turtles, the green turtle or hawksbill turtle.
Playa Largu

Playa Mansalina

Playa Mansalina
One of the 3 sandy beaches of San Juan. After a drive off road  through the mondi you reach the small beach. Entering the water is quite easy. You only have to watch out for the firecoral that grow in groups. A lot of fishes swim here in the moderate current to catch some food. The reef drops slowly to 40 meter. You see a lot of hard corals like brain coral and star coral These are good spots for lobsters, crab and spotted morays to hide underneath.


A very nice little bay. At the right side of the entrance you will find a little fishermen’s harbour. After a swim of around 500 meters you reach the drop off  beginning at a depth of approximately at 9 meter. It follows the depth till more that 40 meters. Lot of fish and corals to spot. Here you can find starfish, trunkfish and deep water fish which swim along the edge of the drop off


Easy accessible divesite. Nice detail is the traffic sign at 10 meters deep, that shows you the way back to the beach.

Porto Mari

Porto Mari
A beautiful and easy dive on a beautiful place with a double reef. After a short swim we descend to the first reef. Thanks to the double reef here are some nice dives. A deep dive is possible (advanced diver required) For snorkelers, this is a beautiful place, there is a snorkel with reef balls off route, where many fish live around.

Superior Producer

This dive is only for advanced divers and higher certified, since it is a deep dive. The wreck Superior Producer lies upright on a sandplateau at 32 meters. You can enter the wreck through the holds and bridge, but be aware of rusty objects. We often see barracuda’s and large French Angelfish here. If there is a cruiseship at MegaPier, or if the current and surf are to strong this dive is not possible. Safety first!!!
Superior Producer

Playa Lagun

Playa Lagun
Playa Lagun is an ideal divesite for all divers, just starting or advanced. We often do  DSD’s here, and dive with junior open water divers because there’s a lot to see here even when we have to stay shallow. A little bit deeper, starting at 18 feet we find a lot of different kinds of corals and beautiful giant barrel sponges. So something for everybody on this site! And after diving relaxing at the beach.


One of the dive sites all the way on the other side of the island, at Caracasbay we find Tugboat, a small wreck at only 9 feet deep. The diving is especially getting interesting when we also look at the reef left of the tugboat and at the mooring pillars we find on the way back from tugboat to the beach. A very nice dive also when we stay shallow. Even at 15 feet it’s magnificent.

Playa Kalki

Closer to Westpunt as playa Kalki we can not do while shore diving. Here we can make two beautiful dives, on both sides you’ll find a big variety of corals. Amongst them large formations of hard corals. When we go right we are extra attentive, because strong currents can appear at the curve of the island.


Vaersenbaai offers open water divers and advanced open water divers great dives. Advanced divers can go to the carpile, where you’ll find a lot of carwrecks at 90 feet.

Playa Jeremi

Small local beach where not many people dive. Because of this the coral is still lush and pristine.

The Waterfactory

Definitely one of the most beautiful dive sites, though a tricky one because strong currents can occur. Not a real good dive for beginners. Big variety on corals and fish. A fairy tale underwater!!

Double Reef (ADV)

Definitely one of the most beautiful dive sites, though a tricky one because strong currents can occur. Not a real good dive for beginners. Big variety on corals and fish.

A fairy tale underwater!!