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Sea Turtle Rescue, our first training

Turtle rescue Curacao

Sea Turtle Rescue Today we went out with Ard Vreugdenhil from Sea Turtle Conservation Curaçao. Ard was going to teach us and another instructor from Go West Diving  how to safely catch sea turtles. How to remove hooks and fish lines in which they get entangled and how to safely put them back in the water. After a theoretical part ...

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Physically challenged, diving OCEANREEF IDM

physically challenged

Physically challenged, but still diving is a possibility. Recently we got a request to go diving with a physically challenged man. Due to his spasm he would not be able to dive with a conventional mask and regulator, simply because he would not be able to hold the regulator in his mouth. Luckily with the help of our new OCEANREEF ...

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Fullface diving / ‘conventional’ diving.

What are the advantages of diving with a Fullface mask, or Integrated Dive Mask (IDM)? Why would certified divers, who are used to diving with a regulator and a normal dive mask (lets call them ‘conventional’ divers) choose to try diving with an IDM? Well, there are plenty advantages! First of all you don’t have to hold a regulator in ...

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Navigation Specialty

Navigation Specialty. Most of the diving we do is guided dives, Discover Scuba Dives or Open Water and Advanced Open Water courses. From time to time however we do get divers who want to specialize and learn more about a specific subject in diving. For instance Wreck dive specialty or Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty. One of the specialties we love ...

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Check your gear before you go diving.

Airfill Station

This time I would like to talk to you about the importance to check your gear before you go diving. And I do not just mean do a buddy check before you enter the water :-)). If you own your own gear make sure everything is always rinsed well and dries in the shade before you store it. Every year ...

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DPV diving

Have you already seen the pictures of our new ‘toys for boys’? Recently we added a second DPV to our equipment. With this addition we can now offer guided DPV dives! DPV stands for Diver Propulsion Vehicle. These guided DPV dives are one on one, so really private dives! Diving with a DPV is fun and gives us the opportunity to ...

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Spotted, the spotted sea hare.

During a night dive with a student who is doing his night dive specialty course I spotted something I had never seen before: The spotted sea hare. For me this was the highlight of the dive, even though we also saw a seahorse, a turtle, several Spanish lobsters and  other creatures. If the choice was mine I would have emptied ...

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Busy busy busy, diving diving diving!

Though the first week of this month looked rather calm high season has picked up for us. We are busy busy busy, diving diving diving! All instructors make a minimum of 2 dives a day and have full groups. We start our day preparing the dive gear for the divers we already know, the students doing Open Water course or ...

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Diving fun with lots of children

These past 3 weeks have been extremely busy at our dive center. This means not only that we dive a lot but also that we meet a lot of nice people. New and returning customers, all come in a good mood (they are almost all on holiday) and want to have a nice experience underwater. Extra fun for us that ...

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Spend your honeymoon diving in Curacao!

This past couple of weeks we have been diving with a lot of newly weds, wanting to spend their honeymoon diving in Curacao.  And boy, did we have fun. Some of these recently married couples decided to do the Open Water course during their honeymoon. Others were already certified and did a couple of days doing guided dives with us. ...

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