Superior Producer, recommended as a guided dive.

Last week Rob and Fred made a beautiful dive on the wreck Superior Producer, the most beautiful wreck in the Caribbean. If you want to do a dive on Superior Producer yourself it’s recommendable to do this dive as a guided dive. The wreck is not pointed out by a buoy, and entree from shore can be ‘adventurous’ if you don’t know exactly where to enter the water and what you’re doing.

Rob knows exactly where it is safest to enter and will help you get into the water safely and fast, after a which a beautiful dive on Superior Producer will be made. Of course Rob also helps you out of the water in a safely manner again.

Superior Producer is a deep dive, so only available for divers with an Advanced Open water certification and divers who have done the Deep Dive specialty.

The wreck used to be a cargo ship, which sank just after leaving the harbor because it wasn’t loaded correctly. It lies horizontally on the ocean floor and is fully covered with corals and sponges. A lot of small creatures, like shrimps and bearded fire worms, live on the outside of the wreck. Often moray eels and tarpons are spotted near and in the wreck, and occasionally a turtle.

Also eager to visit this wreck? Contact us to ask for more information or make a reservation for a guided dive. Not yet Advanced Open water certified? We can help you with that too! Providing the mandatory deep dive of the Advanced Open water course went well, without nitrogen narcosis etc. you can choose to do the wreck dive as one of the three optional dives. Navigation is a mandatory dive as well.

We hope to welcome you in our dive center any time soon, so we can do this great dive with you as well. Until then you can enjoy this movie!


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