Stijn diving at Curaçao again

Last year Stijn did a Discover Scuba Dive with us. He was so enthusiastic after this dive and he decided to do the jr. Open Water Diver course in the Netherlands. There he did the confined (pool)sessions and theory, but for his open water dives he came back to us earlier this year. We call this Referral dives. Together we did all the necessary exercises in open water and had a lot of fun diving. After being certified Stijn and his father joined us for some Guided Dives as well.

Last week Stijn happened to be on island again for a couple of days and of course he and his dad came to us for a guided dive again, this time joined by an uncle who also is a certified diver. We enjoyed the dive very much and hope to see Stijn and family often for more dives!

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