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Robin diving with parents

When you are at Curaçao, you can do a lot of things with your family. One of the things is diving, it’s fun for young and old. You will encounter a lot of creatures during your guided dives. This time (the second dive for this family) we spotted a lot of turtles, So much fun to see them. They are amazing creatures and if you hoover relaxed in the water they will approach you closely. Also we spotted Neptune watching over the ocean and it’s inhabitants. The sponges on his crown grow  bigger and bigger every year After the dive the family had a lot to talk about what they saw during these adventures.

About Rob Botbijl

Rob Botbijl
Hi, my name is Rob Botbijl and I am an Open Water Scuba Instructor since 2007. Teaching others how to scuba dive and share the beauty of the underwaterworld is my passion. Besides this I like to make underwatermovies so non-divers can also see how beautifull my daily work environment is!

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