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Lionfish hunt

Last time I went diving with Henk. We went for an invasive lionfish hunt so he could check out his new pole spear. After a slow descent we started to look for some lionfish. During daytime they hide under the coral so they are difficult to spot and catch. When we spotted a few we started to spear, some where to quick and  got lucky but a few we caught. After we where done we return to the beach. On our way  I spotted something strange between the coral. After closer investigation I had found a frogfish. It was bright Yellow and almost didn’t move. We where happy we had a great dive even if the catch was small.

About Rob Botbijl

Rob Botbijl
Hi, my name is Rob Botbijl and I am an Open Water Scuba Instructor since 2007. Teaching others how to scuba dive and share the beauty of the underwaterworld is my passion. Besides this I like to make underwatermovies so non-divers can also see how beautifull my daily work environment is!

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