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Jochen Diving

It’s always nice to see your customers are returning to go diving with you whenever they visit the island again! This time Jochen returned after a few years to enjoy some guided dives again. We went diving together at several different dive sites. In this movie a small compilation of what we encountered during these dives.

The last time we went diving in a previous vacation Jochen and Petricia spent a lot of time looking for frogfish. This time Leroy and Jochen found not only 1 but 2 of them! Besides this we encountered a lot of other beautiful creatures.

Jochen, it was fun diving with you again, see you again someday!

About Rob Botbijl

Rob Botbijl
Hi, my name is Rob Botbijl and I am an Open Water Scuba Instructor since 2007. Teaching others how to scuba dive and share the beauty of the underwaterworld is my passion. Besides this I like to make underwatermovies so non-divers can also see how beautifull my daily work environment is!

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