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Diving with Claudia at Curacao

Today we did a Discover Scuba Dive with Claudia., a guest that came to us via Don Genaro Curacao Appartements. After a briefing at our dive center we went to Lagun for the actual dive. First we did a couple of exercises on the surface, such as recovering the regulator and clear the mask. After snorkeling a little bit so Claudia could get used to breathing from the regulator we decended. Claudia did the exercises again underwater, without any problems. After this we did a fun tour to a maximum depth of 7 meters. Claudia relaxed enough to be able to really enjoy the dive, she even spotted the Octopus you will see in this movie!

Claudia regretted doing the Discover Scuba Dive so late in her stay on island. She promised to come back to the island next year and do the Open Water course!

If you come on vacation to the island and are interested in doing a Discover Scuba Dive, don’t wait until the last couple of days but do it early in your vacation so you have time to do more diving!

About Rob Botbijl

Rob Botbijl
Hi, my name is Rob Botbijl and I am an Open Water Scuba Instructor since 2007. Teaching others how to scuba dive and share the beauty of the underwaterworld is my passion. Besides this I like to make underwatermovies so non-divers can also see how beautifull my daily work environment is!

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