Diving in Curacao

We are very privileged to be able to be diving in Curacao on a daily basis. A lot of divers who have been diving with us will agree, but you might be wondering what makes diving in Curacao so special. I will try to convince you!

Diving in Curacao is interesting for divers of all levels. What better place can you think of  to do your first Discover Scuba Dive? in Curacao you simply walk into the clear blue water from the beach and the moment you put your face underwater you are surrounded by fish. It’s like swimming in an aquarium. The surface is smooth, water entry easy and currents seldom appear. Beats a swimming pool every time!

Let’s also not forget the younger ones. For children diving in Curacao is so much more fun then learning how to dive in a swimming pool as well. The bays are secluded and safe and there’s so much to see without having to go deep.

When you decide to do the Open water course after the first experience we will take you to several different dive sites and you will see for your self that diving in Curacao offers you a very diverse underwater landscape, even though the dive sites are very close to one and other.

For Advanced divers or divers doing the Advanced Open water course diving in Curacao is interesting, especially because of the beautiful wreck called Superior Producer which lies directly outside the harbor in Willemstad. The wreck has been lying there for many years now and is beautifully covered with corals and houses a lot of sealife. Green Moray eels and Tarpons consider the Superior to be their home, and you won’t believe the size of the Lionfish that are found underneath the wreck. The Superior Producer lies at a depth of 32 meters/100 feet, so can only be visited by Advanced Divers and divers doing the AOW course who have succesfully done the deep dive first. This is one of the dives that can not be offered every day when diving in Curacao since we are only allowed to dive there when there’s no cruise ship or Naval ship at the Megapier.

One of the biggest advantages diving in Curacao is that it’s ideal for shore diving. Of course you can always go with a boat, but most dive sites are easily accessible from shore. Bonaire might be more known to divers, but Curacao is the new number 1 shore dive destination. Curacao has the same reef, the same underwater life, but it also has more beaches. It’s so much easier to enter the water from a beach instead of a rocky coast. If you have none divers in your group when you go diving in Curacao they can enjoy themselves at the beach and after your dive you can spend you surface time with them, relaxing in the white sand. Did you know we have around 100 dive sites on island?

Of course you have to do a night dive when you’re diving in Curacao. You will be amazed by the colors that you see at night. Lot’s of anemones you did not see during your day dives are ‘blossoming’ at night. Personally I just love the yellow cup corals that cover so many of the hard coral surfaces. Lobsters come out to hunt, Spanish lobsters crawl over the bottom like giant cockroaches. Octopus swim freely and show you their ability to change colors in an instant. Tiny orange lights tell you numerous shrimps are out of their hiding spots.

For diving couples, diving in Curacao is also interesting in a different way. Many marriage proposals have been done in our crystal clear waters already and for some couples even the wedding ceremony has been done underwater! Imagine you and your guest diving in Curacao, sharing the most wonderful day of your life in the most beautiful environment you can think of. Surrounded by fish, colorful coral and, if you are very lucky, a turtle to see what is going on……

Diving in Curacao can be done year round, visibility is usually around 20 meters/60 feet and the water temperature is always nice.

All in all diving in Curacao is just great! We are enjoying every single dive on every single day and hope to see you soon to see for yourselves!!!