Spend your honeymoon diving in Curacao!

This past couple of weeks we have been diving with a lot of newly weds, wanting to spend their honeymoon diving in Curacao.  And boy, did we have fun.

Some of these recently married couples decided to do the Open Water course during their honeymoon. Others were already certified and did a couple of days doing guided dives with us. We always feel privileged to be such a big part of a life lasting memory!

Usually we do 2 dives on 1 day with our diving guests, and we offer a nice lunch in between. Since we do each dive on a different dive site we cover a big part of the island and see a big variety of corals doing so.

On Playa Largu for instance we saw a lot of soft corals. On this day there were lots and lots of fish to see and we finished the dive with an orange Longsnout Seahorse. This was the highlight of this dive! A nice little movie of it can be found on our Youtube account.

The first dive was followed by a nice lunch. We drove to Shon Mosa, one of the most romantic secluded beaches on island. Chairs were set out and we enjoyed our sandwiches, fresh fruit and some nice cold orange/apple juice and water. Of course the previous dive was debriefed and we looked at the pictures that were taken, especially the ones of the Seahorse.

After lunch it was time to go we diving on Playa Manzalina, where we enjoyed the hard coral landscape. Lots of moray eels were found at Snakebay, from big green ones to white spotted ones and gold chain moray’s. Our group of 5 divers, of which 4 were spending their honeymoon diving in Curacao, where ecstatic after this dive, they couldn’t stop talking about it.

Today we were diving at Playa Lagun. Here our diving honeymooners saw their first Hawksbill turtle. One of the divers also spotted an enormous Green Moray eel. I had to laugh so hard seeing him trying to point it out to his husband, who had no clue what he had to look for. In the end he did see the Moray eel though, and was impressed. On our last dive today we visited Neptune at Playa Piskado, swam with a couple of Green Turtles and looked at some Lettuce Snails. For me it’s always funny when I point those out. Most people don’t realise it’s a creature they’re looking at and think I point out a plant of some kind. Later they hear it was a snail and always agree it’s name is well chosen.

Are you going to be married soon? Think about spending your honeymoon diving in Curacao with us! We will do our best to make it a memorable experience!!!