Diving and painting


At the end of every month we have a dive with “Captain Rob’s crew“. These are children who are certified junior open water divers or Seal Team members.  Every time we dive  at another  shore dive spot at Curaçao. This dive was very special, we went underwater to paint. We got our instruction from Tanya Haynes ( www.h2oscapes.com ), who has a lot of experience with painting, on the surface as well as underwater. After being briefed at the Dive center we went to the beach and tried to find  a good spot to paint. When we started, the fish where curious about the happening. It was a lot of fun to do, even as an adult you should try it.

Btw, Tanya Haynes is also the artist who painted our boat in front of the dive center, and in the dive center we sell her artwork. So if you’re looking for a souvenir….

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