Anja Diving

After years of seeing first just her husband and later also her children diving, this year Anja decided to try diving herself. Together with Petricia she did a Discover Scuba Dive. After the briefing at the dive center we went to the beach where we took all the time Anja needed to get control of her breathing through the regulator. At first it was a bit scary for Anja, but after a few times trying to snorkel with the regulator in she got the hang of it and we descended.

Because we do shore dives we can descend very shallow, which makes it easier to equalize the ears. Little by little Anja got more relaxed and started to enjoy her dive. Especially when we found the little seahorse! Who knows, in 2 years, when Anja comes back to visit the island she might do her Open Water course and start diving with her family!

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