New Years resolutions….(let’s blog and dive)

Hello to all our diving and non-diving friends!

Let me start by wishing you all a belated Happy New Year from the Relaxed Guided Dives team!!!

With the new year come the New Years resolutions. Now, I don’t smoke, so stop smoking was not an option. I don’t drink (much), so nothing there either. I admit, I could work out more, but am mostly to tired after a day of diving, so that was not it for me neither.

So I decided to start blogging, just like my friends and website designers Oscar en Leontien told me too. Wanted to start in the first week of the year already, but something always came up. Or at least I told myself it did…:-). Besides this I was also still doubting what to write about, and wondering if anyone would be interested in what I had to say anyway….

Thinking about it turns out not to be so hard, the topics keep coming up in my mind. So now it’s just a matter of sitting down and start to write. From now on you will regularly find new stories about our adventures exploring the underwater world. But also information about the importance of using the dive buoy, events we are going to organise, anecdotes, details about specific fish or creatures we encounter etc. etc.

The year is still young, our team is looking forward to a year of fun meeting you and working with you as our guests. Taking you underwater for the first time during a Discover Scuba Dive, teaching you diving on different levels and helping you decide when you want to buy your own gear.

Please feel welcome to stop by and ask for information, look around in our beautiful dive shop, try on masks, fill your tanks and book your dives.

Let’s blow bubbles together this year!!