Every dive is fun!!!

Making  as many dives as we do it’s understandable we often get the question whether we still like to dive, or if we make any fun dives ourselves at all. The answer is simple: Every dive is fun!!!

No, we do not do fun dives in our spare time, we love to have 1 day a week being on the surface, getting all nitrogen out of our system. But every single dive we do is fun, even though they are work as well.

Taking a person on his or her first dive ever, on a Discover Scuba Dive is fun. Especially when they are very nervous in the beginning. Seeing them getting more relaxed during the experience and hearing the enthousiasm afterwards, when they can’t stop talking about all the cool fish they saw!

Doing a course dive and see the divers ‘grow’ while practising all skills needed for safe diving, see how they get more and more comfortable taking off their masks etc.

Fun during a guided dive, pointing out fish and creatures, looking at their behavior. Trying to find seahorses, frogfish, keeping in an eye out for turtles, rays. But also enjoying the beauty of the corals and anemones and everything else you encounter during a dive.

What’s also fun is surfacing at exactly the spot where you started the dive and see how amazed your group is about this, they lost all track of direction during the dive.

Different kind of fun: playing with hoops during a Peak Performance Buoyancy dive, spotting Lionfish during a Evasive lionfish hunter dive, looking for lobsters and other night creatures on a Nightdive.

For us last year the most fun was finding some creatures we had never seen before during our dives. Some examples: short-nosed batfish, purple-crowned sea goddess, ornate elysium and the copper lobster. Most of these creatures are uncommon for the area where we dive, which made it extra special. Seeing these creatures make the dive/day!

So you see, though we do not make fun dives anymore, every dive is fun!!!