DPV diving

Have you already seen the pictures of our new ‘toys for boys’? Recently we added a second DPV to our equipment. With this addition we can now offer guided DPV dives! DPV stands for Diver Propulsion Vehicle. These guided DPV dives are one on one, so really private dives! Diving with a DPV is fun and gives us the opportunity to reach areas we have never explored before. Dives at sites of which we know there’s always a lot of current also get easier using a DPV.

Of course diving with the DPV is not restricted to boys only, girls are welcome to dive with it too:-))

For our DPV dives we use the TUSA SAV-7 evolution, one of the most powerful DPV-s. These DPV-s can be handled in different ways. You can hold them in your hands and let it pull you through the water, but you can also mount it and use your body to steer it whilst you are being pushed forward. Of course this takes some training and explaining before you actually start the fun tour part of your DPV dive.

Another option we can now offer is doing the DPV specialty. Get another certification having fun playing with the DPV!

So far a couple of divers have went on a DPV dive with us. All were so enthousiastic about it they immediately booked a second dive.

Come and feel like James Bond underwater! Stop by the dive center to get more info or just send an e-mail and we will send you all the details you need. Experience diving with a DPV yourselves and you will see it offers a new dimension to your way of diving. Since Christmas is coming up, here’s an idea! Give a DPV dive as an original gift or put it on your wishlist, you might get your Santa to give you the opportunity to experience DPV diving…..

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