Diving fun with lots of children

These past 3 weeks have been extremely busy at our dive center. This means not only that we dive a lot but also that we meet a lot of nice people. New and returning customers, all come in a good mood (they are almost all on holiday) and want to have a nice experience underwater.

Extra fun for us that we went diving with a lot of children. 8-year olds doing the Bubblemaker program, 10-year olds doing the junior open water course. So much fun seeing how easily they do all the exercises needed and how much they enjoy seeing the fishes and corals.

Of course diving with children brings even more responsibility. This is why we prefer to dive 1 on 1 when we do course dives with children. Just the instructor and the junior diver. This way the children pay attention to just the instructor and are not distracted by other children or by the parents. (parents tend to interfere, understandably, they mean well but are not always helpful :-)))

All our instructors like to dive with children and are patient with them. Funny this week was that most children asked if they could dive with Rob, our Pirate Captain. Sometimes children say he looks like Captain Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Rob then explains what ‘really’ happened. How Johnny Depp came to the beautiful island of Curaçao to meet Rob. That he decided that’s what Captain Jack should look like. You can guess how impressed the children are! (i’m going to tell this at school mom!)

Some of the children we went diving with these couple of weeks were very lucky. How about this boy that saw a turtle and seahorse on his first dive, several turtles on his second dive, a spotted eagle ray and a frogfish on his third? I know a lot of adults who are very jealous now!

We are looking forward to our dives this afternoon and tomorrow, we are diving again with…..children!

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