Check your gear before you go diving.

Airfill Station

This time I would like to talk to you about the importance to check your gear before you go diving. And I do not just mean do a buddy check before you enter the water :-)).

If you own your own gear make sure everything is always rinsed well and dries in the shade before you store it. Every year you should have your regulator serviced to keep it working properly and to be safe.

When you go and rent gear from a dive shop make sure you check all the gear at the dive center before you leave for your dive site. Does the BCD inflate/deflate, are the regulators working correctly, does the pressure gauge show how much air is in the tank? Is the o-ring in the tank 0kay, no tears, no fray? If damaged have them change it immediately. Does the air from the tank small okay?

Can the dive center where you get/fill your tank show a recent air check report?

And, very important, has the tank been hydrostatically tested, or is the tank past its due date? Here on Curaçao every tank needs to be hydrostatically tested once every 5 years.

After the test each tank gets a new date stamped in it, so you can always check easily. When you get a tank that is past its due date ask for another tank!

Of course this also works the other way around. When you come to our fill station to have your tank filled we will check the date as well. If the tank is past its due date we will not fill it, even when you tell us you only use it for putting air in your tyre. It doesn’t matter to us for what you use the tank. A tank that has not been tested regularly brings a big risk to us when we fill it. If something happens when we fill a tank that is not correctly tested and doesn’t have a correct date on it, insurance doesn’t cover!

So for your safety and ours, and of course your diving fun: Check all your gear before you go diving!

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