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Shore Diving

Shore Diving

As you can conclude from the name shore diving is done from shore. This means that we build up the dive-equipment at the beach, put it on and walk into the ocean.

Curacao is suited particularly well for shore diving, because almost every dive-location is reachable by car and the reef is never to far away from the water entry-point.

Advantages of shore-diving are for instance that you descend very gradually, so you have more time to equalize then when you have to descend from the surface to 18 meters at once to reach the coral.

You see more of the island. When you go diving by boat you only see the coastline. On our way to the dive-location we gladly tell you about things we pass, about the history of the plantation-houses, about nature and what you should definitely see or do before you go home.

Another advantage of shore diving is that it can be scheduled more flexible, since we don’t depend on departure times of boats.

Shore diving can be done anytime, and almost anyplace. We do our shore-dives on dive-sites shown to us by local fishermen and divers. Dive sites you might not find on your own, but definitely gorgeous!

Because we offer shore-dives we can work with small groups, since we don’t have to fill an expensive boat.

Of course we offer you the same service, as you would get while diving from a boat. Our van is equipped with First Aid kit, Oxygen kit and AED.

Curacao has a lot of beautiful bays with sandy beaches. While you are doing your shore-dive non-divers in your group can enjoy the beach. If you follow us to the dive-site in your own car you can stay at the beach and relax after the dive. We take the dive-equipment with us to the dive-center and rinse everything for you! As you can see, shore diving is comfortable and safe, is done in small groups, can be fun for the non-divers and offers you more time to relax.

Our slogan is: ‘Dive more from shore’