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In our nicely decorated dive shop you will find anything you need regarding diving and snorkeling. Our staff members are friendly and will be able to help you find the product that suits you and your needs best. They take all the time you need.

Are you looking for a mask? Together we will try to find the mask that fits you best and that you are most comfortable with. This can be a mask with 1 glass or with 2 separate ones, a mask with  clear silicone or with black.  We offer a wide assortment of masks.

Also our assortment of snorkels is wide. We have snorkels with a purge valve, but also dry-snorkels, which have a mechanism that closes off the snorkel so no water can come in. Most snorkels can be delivered in a variety of colors, matching the color of your mask.

In our shop you find multiple brands, for example Cressi, Tusa, Scubapro, SeacSub, Suunto, Bare and Princeton Tec. It’s our goal to widen our assortment even more with other brands. This way you can come to us not only to buy gear, but also for the servicing and maintenance of your own dive gear.

We are proud to be the only shop selling Doc’s Pro Plugs at this moment. Doc’s Pro Plugs are special earplugs with a tiny hole in it. They help persons who have problems equalizing their ears. By using the plugs the pressure on the eardrum builds up more slowly, giving them more time to equalize. You do still need to equalize!!

As well as dive and snorkel gear (like snorkel vests) we also sell nice souvenirs, beautifull jewelry based on underwater life, books and the BEST dive/drive map on island. We made this ourselves together with Franco Maps. It’s printed on water resistant paper, so you can touch it with wet hands without damaging it immediately.

Most products are available from stock. When you are searching for an article that is not on stock we can order it and most of the time deliver the next day.