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Of course you can also come to us to rent materials. Snorkel sets, complete dive gear, just tanks and weight, all is possible. All our materials are well maintained, serviced regularly and user friendly. From the dive center you can go to the bay of your choice, snorkel or dive and afterwards return everything without rinsing. We will rinse everything ourselves so we can immediately check if all is in perfect condition to rent out again.

Don’t forget to bring your dive certificate if you come to us to rent gear. We can only rent out gear if we have seen your card. Dive gear is rented out per calendar day, unless you choose our package deals for several days.

We do have packages for several days rent of a complete set including 1 tank per day and packages for several days of unlimited air/nitrox and weight. Contact us and we will tell you the costs of those packages.

Use of a dive buoy is mandatory by law on Curacao. All divers and snorkelers should be visible during their complete time in the water, not only at the moment of ascending. This is for your own safety, boats and water scooters can see there are snorkelers and divers in the water this way. They have to keep a distance of 15 meters from the buoy. Of course we can rent out a buoy to you.

In our fill centre we fill tanks for several dive schools and privately owned tanks. We have 30 buffer tanks, which gives us the opportunity to fill your tanks straight away almost every time. Easy for you, on your way to the beach you stop to have your tank filled so you’re ready to dive. And when you have the time you also stop on your way back so you always have a full tank ready for your next dive…. Obviously we only fill tanks that have been tested and approved!

For those of you that fill tanks regularly our fill lists are appealing. Your fills get even more affordable. The lists are valid for a complete year and are kept at the dive center, where you sign after each fill. You don’t have to remind yourself to bring the list to the dive center, so very convenient!

Nitrox tanks can also be filled, for those tanks goes: Bring them today, ready tomorrow! Usually we fill 32% Nitrox, but on request we can also mix other percentages to a maximum of 40%.

Our air is regularly checked by Trace Analytics, the latest report is always available for you to check out. You can also find it on this site.

Diving gear:

Set complete
55 Naf / 32 USD
22,5 Naf / 12 USD
22,5 Naf / 12 USD
5 Naf / 3 USD
15 Naf / 9 USD
15 Naf / 9 USD
7,50 Naf / 5 USD
shoes & fins
20 Naf / 12 USD
5 Naf / 3 USD
15,00 Naf / 9 USD
Tank air
15 Naf / 9 USD
Tank Nitrox
25 Naf / 15 USD
30 Naf / 18 USD
15 Naf / 9 USD

Rental Packages:

Unlimited air & weight per person

3 days 157 Naf / 90 USD

4 days 210 Naf / 120 USD

5 days 262,50 Naf / 150 USD

6 days 315 Naf / 180 USD

set complete 6 days (incl. 1 tank a day)
275 Naf / 158 USD

Unlimited Nitrox & weight per person

3 days 225 Naf / 129 USD

4 days 300 Naf / 172 USD

5 days 375 Naf / 215 USD

6 days 450 Naf / 258 USD