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Airfill Station

Airfill Station

Over here we fill your personal tanks, if testdate is in order off course. For Nitrox till 40% you’re also at the right place here. For persons who fill their tanks at a regular basis our fill-lists are ideal. Fillings become even more payable. Our air is regularly checked by Trace analytics, you can look at the report at any time, even here on this site. We fill for a lot of dive-schools, i.e. Porto Mari Sports, Bahia Diving.

Prices of fillings:
Compressed air:        6,75  Naf / 4 USD
Nitrox:                        10,00  Naf / 6 USD

Fill lists:
Pay 10 get 12              67,50 Naf  / 40 USD
Pay 20 get 25             135,00 Naf  / 80 USD

See air certification and report: Download